IPL Photofacial

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is designed to treat various skin discolorations and sun damage in gradual and gentle ways, while eliminating downtime after treatment. Intense pulse light refers to the type of device used to perform number of great facial procedures to beautify the skin in a quick and easy series of treatments. Fotofacial (also referred to as Photofacial) is a popular term for IPL treatments aimed at reducing the appearance of: freckles, sun spots, skin discolorations, broken blood vessels, spider veins, red skin, rosacea-caused skin redness, pore size, and acne. Photofacials can also improve general skin tone.

Photofacials usually take about 20-30 minutes to treat the entire face. For more comprehensive results, multiple treatments are often necessary, but the actual number of treatment sessions may depend on the condition of the skin treated. When multiple treatments are needed, it is recommended they be scheduled at 4-6 weeks intervals.

What to Expect:

How Long Does the IPL/Photofacial Take?

It generally takes about 30 minutes to complete.

What type of skin problems targeted for improvement?

Freckles, sun spots, skin discolorations, broken blood vessels, spider veins, red skin, rosacea-related skin redness, pore size, acne, and overall skin tone can be improved.

What about Recovery?

Recovery times are quite minimal, with patients going back to work or daily activities right after treatment. Facial redness, slight darkening of freckles and treated blood vessels may be apparent immediately after treatment and can be concealed with makeup. Individual variations can occur in recovery times and we would not recommend scheduling any treatment immediately before an important event.

What about Results?

After completion of treatments, a reduction in the signs of: skin discoloration, spider veins, rosacea-caused skin redness, pore size, sun/age spots, freckles, broken blood vessels, and/or acne should become apparent over time. Skin tone can also be improved with this procedure.

I’m so thankful I have April to guide me through the “golden years”.  Her knowledge of skin care and products is exceptional.  Her facials not only help my skin, but they are also relaxing.  They’re perfect for a stress reliever.  I always wanted to try Dysport and Dermal Fillers, but was afraid to look like some of the movie stars that people joke about.  My experience with Dr. Chris Paronish has been pain-free and natural looking.  I’m so thankful I have found the “fountain of youth” in my own back yard!


I have been a patient of Dr. Chris Paronish for a few years now.  I went to a dermatologist who prescribed antibiotics and multiple creams to treat rosacea, psoriasis and dermatitis.  All were ineffective.  Since I have been a client of Dr. Chris Paronish, my skin looks better than it has in years….I especially like the microdermabrasion treatment, as it has been the most effective treatment for my skin.  I am grateful for the exceptional service and care from Dr. Chris Paronish and April Goldian.


Dr. Chris Paronish has the friendliest office staff I have ever dealt with.  They took great care in all of the skin care regimens I’ve had done there.  I’m very happy with the results and will definitely be going back for more! I highly recommend Dr. Chris Paronish to anyone who is looking for either minimal or more intensive skincare.


I have been receiving skin care services by Dr. Paronish for a few years now.  I can’t say enough about him or his staff….They are amazing! The absolute best is the microdermabrasion-April is so wonderful and when I walk out of that office, my skin is so soft and smooth! Everyone tells me that I look younger than what I am.  I am convinced this is due to my treatments from Dr. Paronish.

T.C. Johnstown

Give Aglow a try ! Great place for a pick me up for body and soul. Pamper yourself! April is a lovely person to talk to and is so up to date on skin care. She can answer all your questions in a professional way and makes you feel at ease . Highly recommend a trip to Aglow!


I’ve always had a wonderful experience.. and have never been disappointed. The staff is wonderful..April always takes the time to answer all your questions and is really committed to ensuring your happy with your service.


I recommend aglow to anyone no matter what your age is. The facility is extremely clean. The staff are very welcoming and professional. They truly care about their clients and are devoted to their client’s expectations and make sure they have a nice relaxing experience. Their monthly specials are always different and the prices are very reasonable. Thank you aglow for bringing my skin back to life.

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